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  • Basmati Rice Authenticity
    Basmati Rice Authenticity Price £516.98

    Price excluding VAT £430.82

    Minimum quantity required: 100g 

    This test detects and quantifies the presence of non-Basmati-rice mixed with Basmati rice. It can be used with non-cooked as well as with cooked rice. If required, it also checks if the Basmati variety labelled on the package is correct.

    *Please note this analysis takes 7 working days.

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  • Geographical Origin Confirmation (IRMS)
    Geographical Origin Confirmation (IRMS) Price £371.16

    Price excluding VAT £309.30

    Quantity required: 100-200g

    This package is currently applicable to beef, poultry, lamb/sheep meat, and honey, WITH A DECLARED geographical origin, based on existing worldwide databases.

    *Please note this analysis takes 10 working days.

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